Washington State HTCIA

The Washington State HTCIA Chapter was born out of necessity. Computer related crime is becoming more complex, and the rate in which criminals are using technology is growing exponentially. Members of law enforcement and those from the private sector realize the need to work together to combat this crime, with a venue needed to meet and share knowledge.

Forensic analysts and information security professionals need to keep their skills updated constantly. Training is expensive and not always available to those in need. The Washington State HTCIA chapter pledges to have regular training available for its members, with every possible step taken to keep costs down. Our membership consists of professional trainers and technology experts that donate their time and resources to make this possible.

Our Charter:

1. Encourage, promote, aid, and effect the voluntary interchange of information, experience, and knowledge concerning methods and procedures for the prevention and investigation of computer related crimes as well as violations of company and corporate policy.

2. Promote a representative, centralized organization to collect, collate, coordinate, and distribute data, information, ideas, knowledge, methods, and techniques in order to improve the efficiency and uniformity in digital forensic investigative procedures.

3. Advocate and provide continuing education for our members on a regular basis. We strive to produce competent, innovative investigators that see technical roadblocks as nothing more than a temporary obstacle.

4. Be a driving force in our community to further educate those with the responsibility of combating high tech crime and educate our citizens to help prevent them from becoming victims.

Upcoming Events