Events And Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings and training events are held at the Edmonds Community College main campus, Snohomish Hall room 123. Attendees can park in any space not marked as STAFF ONLY or otherwise posted as being reserved. If the particular meeting is not going to be in Snohomish Hall room 123, the alternate location will be listed for the particular meeting via the schedule below.

Meetings and training events are open to HTCIA members in good standing from any HTCIA chapter, unless otherwise noted in the meeting or training event description(s). If you are a member of another HTCIA chapter and wish to attend a training event, please contact the Chapter President to reserve a seat. All training events will consist of hands-on labs and exercises. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in giving presentations - Contact the Chapter President with your ideas and suggestions!



  No Monthly Meeting



A reminder to all of our members. HTCIA is a private organization that draws its membership from many different business sectors. All meetings are private and should only be attended if you are a current member, member of the law enforcement community, or have received pre-approval to sit-in on a meeting from an HTCIA officer. If you are not a member of the law enforcement community or have not yet been approved for membership by HTCIA, you will need to get approval before attending our meetings. Due to the nature of the topics we discuss, members are reminded that no unauthorized recording of any type is permitted. If you have questions or need further clarification, please contact one of the HTCIA Officers.

Upcoming Events